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Hello, my name is Nick Kaplanis, owner of Northwest All-Terrain Vehicles, and distributor for Canada XBH.  My company was established in 1986 and we have over 33 years of business experience in Northwestern Ontario.  I personally have 52 years of off road amphibious vehicle experience and expertise.  During this time I dedicated myself to making the accomplishment of “going anywhere” a safe and reliable journey. The expertise in all terrain travel was acquired hands-on and the unique blend of mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and most importantly, amphibious challenges led to the designing of a machine that would do it all.  We are ready to introduce that vehicle.

In 2017, while doing research, I found that there was a well established manufacturer in China, which since 2005, was producing the XBH, an amphibious all-terrain vehicle made specifically for extreme terrain and climates. There was no representation for XBH in Canada.  I contacted them, and after some correspondence, I was invited by company president, Mr. WenLiang Jia, to visit their plant.  It truly is a first class operation.  My first impression was that their product line up was simply outstanding and I knew that the XBH would soon be destined for Canada.  Mr. Jia and his factory staff welcomed my visit and treated me like royalty.  The engineers were extremely co-operative and  I was impressed with their attention to even the smallest details.

Continuing to build a vehicle to the highest quality standards is a first priority for XBH.  Believe me, after you drive an XBH  you won’t want to drive anything else. I introduced all of the important ideas, design specifications, accessories, and  power train changes inspired by the Canadian outdoorsman.  XBH listened and without hesitation Mr. Jia agreed to build a vehicle specific for Canada.  The relationship was quickly recognized and the factory made the necessary plans to begin assembly of the XBH Canadian Edition.  I returned to China a year later where we put the vehicle through very rigorous testing, and when finished, immediately agreed that Canada would be the next location to introduce the XBH.  We chose to name the vehicle “ENDURANCE”, which I believe, signifies the design, quality and reliability of a vehicle with the ultimate durability.

Our vision is to deliver core value, with a creative product that endures the test of time.  Superior craftsmanship and a single-minded dedication to quality manufacturing is evident in the ENDURANCE !  When you need a vehicle for a year round recreational, or commercial application, the XBH ENDURANCE CANADIAN EDITION does it all !

Check out our impressive standard features and quality specifications. You will be amazed with this incredible and affordable vehicle. Test drive one today!


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